What sets us apart?

  • We are energetic team players and we share a passion for solving problems. We have successfully worked on hundreds of national, statewide, regional and local campaigns, projects and advocacy efforts.  We are native Ohioans and we have spent the majority of our careers working to generate support for issues aimed at improving the quality of life for the residents of the Buckeye State and the Great Lakes region.
  • We create and implement effective, customized strategies that engage stakeholders and produce desired results.  Our team has extensive experience working with diverse groups such as neighborhood organizations, students, opinion and political leaders, health care professionals, educators, and law enforcement officials.  We know how to build a potent and influential base of supporters and how to mobilize them to take action.
  • We are skilled at harnessing the power of both traditional and cutting-edge communications vehicles—from yard signs to Twitter, from direct mail to Facebook.  We know that up-to-date information is integral to messaging that is persuasive, inclusive, and well-targeted.
  • We bring together innovative thinkers and advocates in creative ways that benefit our clients and help achieve success.  Our clients gain access to a vast network of unique and influential leaders who we draw on for ideas and different perspectives and who often serve as our partners.
  • Our team provides you with a “one-stop shop,” giving you a comprehensive range of services to meet every communications and advocacy need including messaging, media relations, direct mail, TV and video production, research, event planning, website development and social media.
  • We are in this business because we love it. We pride ourselves on our ability to work as flexible team members. We want to make a difference, and we view our commitment to your success as absolute.