Our services include:

Policy Strategy
We build strategies and coalitions to achieve policy goals for a variety of clients. We create strategies and the teams to pursue them, and then work tirelessly to see them succeed.

Strategic Communications
Persuasive messaging and effective message delivery don’t happen by accident. They require research, in-depth analysis, extensive experience, and precise implementation. Strategic communications – developing a smart and actionable communications plan, and then seeing it implemented properly – is a foundational service at R Strategy Group and a cornerstone of what we do.

Issue Advocacy
We design campaigns to bring deserved attention and necessary action to causes and action throughout the region and state. We have built successful advocacy campaigns for a variety of causes, including juvenile justice, health and human services, arts and culture, education, and the environment.

Grassroots & Grasstops Organizing
Whether growing active support among a large number of citizens or from an influential small, targeted group of opinion leaders, elected or public officials, we create and implement customized strategies to meet either need.

Web & Social Media Development
There are few better ways to cultivate informed, impassioned supporters than through online media. We help clients develop online strategies for web, social media and email communications, and then implement those strategies through cost-effective, engaging and appealing sites and pages.

Media Relations
Our team has decades of experience working within the evolving media environment to help our clients tell their stories to the right audience in the right way.

Crisis Communications
When a crisis happens, clear thinking and experience are priceless. We help our clients navigate crisis situations and find the opportunities hiding beneath apparent threats.

Direct Mail & Print Production
From planning to targeting to developing award-winning print and direct mail programs, we have produced millions of mail and print pieces for over twenty years. Our customized mail program is tailored to each campaign to ensure it compliments the overall communications strategy.

Media Production and Buying
We have decades of experience producing creative and persuasive television, radio and print advertisements. We oversee every aspect of the process, including concept development, scripting and copywriting, video and radio production, editing, and media buying.

Event Planning
Major events – like bus tours, conferences and concerts – take real expertise and precise execution. We have helped clients at the national, state, regional and local levels stage unique events that further their goals, capture the headlines, mobilize stakeholders and secure significant resources.